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Is your youth living at their best right now and really preparing for the future?

Do you wish for your child to take charge of their life and consistently make good decisions,
but you’re finding this hard on your own?

I love working youth. It’s probably one of the most important times in a person's life. There’s so much excitement and emotion (sometimes too much), and incredible energy, and so many opportunities. There’s a little craziness and there’s some awesomeness. But literally the whole world is in front of them, and that’s why it’s so critical for them to get mentoring from someone who will make the best decisions for their future, and develop the right paradigms and habits, to live happy, meaningful and principle based lives.

In the society around us these days, every youth seems to be at risk. From depression to drugs, to suicide to bullying, to toxic relationships and pornography, and other life destroying addictions. They need regular doses of awesome inspiration, instruction and motivation. We all do. Just once or twice doesn’t cut it. Just like a healthy body needs nourishing meals every day, not just once and awhile.

Are you finding that it’s getting increasingly more difficult
to communicate with your youth as they get older?

Do you ever want someone to talk to your youth and reinforce those important lessons that you’re trying to get to them, but maybe they’re resisting because it’s coming from you? Someone to talk sense to them when they’re not thinking straight and they’re making poor decisions. Someone that can speak their language, but straightforward, and help them with the important aspects of their life. Like time and energy management, being trustworthy and responsible. Like staying motivated and putting in overcoming addictions, and taking charge of their educational pursuits and learning the skills and the habits they need to succeed now and in the future.

You can double your teen's chances of making wiser choices
and experiencing success in life.

This is what I would like to offer to do for you and your family.

Child trends reported that a teen can double their chances for making wise choices, experiencing success, and reaching their full potential. I’ve seen that many, many times in my own journey, and as I’ve worked with youth for over 20 years. Man, it makes a huge difference. But there’s no one size fits all with this. Every youth is unique and special. And literally that’s why I’ve studied voraciously for so many years, and I’ve traveled extensively, five continents and dozens of countries, mentoring youth and families, really trying to find the most effective ways to help and reach all these unique individuals.

I want to mentor your youth through
this incredibly important phase of life.

  • Help them begin to understand and practice the skills and habits, like doing things that need to be done whether you feel like it or not.
  • Choosing good friends and more importantly about being a good friend.
  • Understanding the power of a positive attitude, and the destructive force of a negative one.

I want to introduce your youth to proven principles and practices that I’ve studied from the lives of great men and women for over 23 years.

So it will be fun. It will be funny. It will be serious. And more important, most important, it will be inspirational.

The solution for helping your teen transition into independence
and reaching their full potential.

This is what I would like to offer to do for you and your family.

Youth are trying to become independent, right? They’re going through this big change and transformation in their brains and it makes them want to be independent and kind of push back against what parents say sometimes. Perhaps like you and I didn’t always listen to our parents.

Youth need an outside voice for goodness. They need a guide to help them navigate this critical period in their lives and succeed in the real world. Almost every truly successful person that I know of had at least one mentor. Think what that would mean for your youth. I think it’s imperative that our children have solid, experienced principal mentor.

Here’s how it works

If this is something that you want for your youth, and for your family, all you have to do is register for Tripwire Air or Fire, and I’ll take it from there.

My videos are packed with inspirational experiences from my own journey, and from the best books, and from the best leaders, and from the best thinkers throughout time. There’s plenty of humor and some heart-wrenching stories so sometimes we laugh together, and sometimes we cry together. By the way, a lot of these awesome videos are recorded in historic or spectacular places around the globe, as I travel with my own family and lead transformational leadership expeditions for youth and parents around the world.


A New Video Episode Every Month

Every month we pick a new topic or area to focus on, this could be something to inspire, provoke thought or take action.

Access to The Private Facebook Group

Everyone, parents and youth have access to the private Facebook group where they can discuss, join in, share triumphs and challenges and get direct support.

A Livestream Hangout Every Month

Every month we get together on a livestream hangout and expand on the video, leave comments, discuss what was talked about and how your youth can take action on it.


An Episode Expansion Video Every Month

Every episode is designed to be high-impact delivered in the timeframe that holds the attention span of a young person, but every episode has an expansion or additional learning in Fire.

A Monthly Group Coaching Call

Every month we have a “youth-only” coaching call (replays are available in the member's area) where I host a call online to do an open discussion and support your teen, this is without parents to provoke honest and open discussion.

A solo Inspirational Video Every Month

Every month there will be an additional solo video with an inspirational story or lesson from my collective wisdom, travels and experiences.

So as soon as you sign up, you’ll have full access to all the episodes we currently have available, plus send emails for you and your youth to help you stay on track, and this content I’m sharing contains some of the most important life lessons that any of us can learn.

This coaching and mentorship area is designed specifically for 13 to 19-year-olds for achieving real change, and long lasting results so with every course I also include action exercises, that are fun and challenging ways to apply what they’re learning.

I also highly encourage you to go through the course with them and discuss it your children as they’re learning and progressing. You’ll get a lot out of it. I promise. Now I’ve structured this whole program to make it easy for you to say, YES! It’s inspiring. It’s instructional. It works! And it’s really affordable, with no obligation, you can cancel at any time.


Bibliotherapy: The #1 Habit of Uber-Successful People
Bibliotheraphy: The #1 Habit<br />of Uber-Successful People

This ONE thing has had the biggest effect on changing Greg’s life. This audio gives you the information you need to begin your own 'bibliotherapy' practice. Greg shares lessons learned and advice offered from his own biblio-journey, as well as the experience garnered from reading hundreds of life-changing books. Don't underestimate the power of this one simple habit. It can, and WILL, change your life forever.

Get Out And Live - G.O.A.L
Get Out And Live - G.O.A.L

This 3 1/2 hour audio program provides the motivation you need to GET OUT AND LIVE. Too many people are living a humdrum existence, “lives of quiet desperation" or just merely existing. If you feel that way, then this program can help you change it. Get motivated to get out of bed, be more thoughtful and feeling, take more risks, work harder, play harder, and to get excited to live each day and achieve real results.

How To Totally Transform Your Life Before Breakfast
How To Totally Transform<br />Your Life Before Breakfast

Creating a positive and powerful morning routine can help set the tone for the entire day. And how we spend our days, is how we spend our lives. In this 1 1/2 hour audio program, Greg shares his proven strategies and tips for a morning routine that he's been following for 17 years - a morning routine that can have an incredible impact on your life, once you begin implementing it. Start your day right, and create success in daily life.

Just One Life To Live - Make It Epic
Just One Life To Live<br />- Make It Epic

Life is short, unpredictable, and too often unfulfilling. You only have one life to live. Why not live an EPIC life? But HOW do you make that happen? By discovering and developing in three key areas. Purpose (find yours), Potential (develop yours) and Peak Performance (reach yours). In this one-hour audio program, Greg provides the tools you need to embark on this path of 'awesome-sauce' living.

This is my mission and commitment
to you and your children

This work I do with youth, this is my mission. This is my purpose. This coaching and mentoring is part of my sincere desire to help your children become great young people and great adults. To become their very best and prepare for real success in marriage, and parenting, and education, and career, and even in becoming leaders that have a positive impact on the world around them. This is my commitment to your children and part of my legacy for youth who are seeking direction and who really want to live great lives.

When you register for this little bit of awesome-sauce here, you’re giving them the opportunity to get on the path to achieve great things. To build healthy relationships with you and other important people in their lives. To learn how to do hard things and honestly, to believe in themselves.

Thank you for your time. Thank you for caring so much about your children and be willing to invest in them. And thank you for giving them this incredibly valuable opportunity.

"..you have influenced my life and have caused a change to happen. I can't even begin to put in words how grateful I am for you."
Alayna Z.
"You have made an incredible difference in my daughter’s life and I appreciate the enormous role you’ve had in helping dreams come true for her that I never thought possible."
"This class has been amazing and it has changed how I view the world and my life."
"You believe in me, and that is priceless! You are an example of a life lived differently—a living and ever-present role model who helps and instructs me along the way to excellence."
Devon K.
"Your guidance this past year has been so incredibly fantastic and life-changing."

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